Hazel has been a nail artist for over 12 years and has extensive experience in all aspects of nail treatments but has a great passion for nail art designs. She has won over 50 awards to date including Nail Professional of the Year, Scratch Stars Mixed Media and Nail Stylist and multiple competition wins and places. She is an International nail competition judge.
Hazel runs a successful salon and independent training academy with educators throughout the UK teaching her methods.  She is also the Official UK Akzentz professional gels distributor and has her own range of brushes and products.

Legally Registered Products & the Cosmetic Product Notification (CPND)

In July 2013 a new EU regulation came into force, which meant that every product classed as a cosmetic must be registered on the CPNP.  CPNP is the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal. Nail enhancement products are classed as a cosmetic, which means they should be registered on the CPNP. Currently access to the CPNP is restricted to Manufacturers and other relevant government bodies and not available to nail techs/general public. This is mainly due to patented formulations etc that are secret to the manufacturer.

This was introduced to ensure that only safe, tested and compliant products are put on the market for sale. Any product that is not registered is deemed unsafe, as it would be impossible to know if illegal ingredients have been used, as there would be no information recorded.

One way of checking that your brand/product is compliant and legally registered for sale is to ask your supplier for proof of this and/or

Check the product has all the following information on the labels and/or packaging and/or leaflet within the packaging

  • Name and address of the responsible person, this can be abbreviated and often reads as RP
  • Country of origin, example MADE IN UK
  • Date of minimum durability OR period after opening, this means once opened, use within 12 months.
    -here’s an example of what the symbol may look like

Date of Minimum Durability
  • Nominal Content, net weight –followed by this symbol

Nominal Content, Net Weight
  • Precautions and warnings. This should include directions on how to use the product safely
  • Batch number
  • Product functions. What the product is and does
  • Ingredients list also known as INCI list. This should list the ingredients in decreasing order of weight

Other legal requirements are that the labels are in the language of the country they are sold in. For example if you have purchased a product from a supplier and you cannot understand what it says due to it being in a different language, this is not in line with EU regulations. The label content must be translated and readable for the country it is being sold in.

Other caution symbols may also be required depending on the products ingredients. Common symbols are:

Caution Symbols

If the products you’re purchasing do not have the above information on the labels then the product is unlikely to be registered on the CPNP.

Please be aware that whilst the above label information may be present on your product it does not always guarantee that a product has been registered but it is a good indication that the brand/supplier is compliant, which is why its always best to purchase your products from a reputable supplier.

Using UN registered/non-compliant products on your clients ultimately can make your insurance null and void should an issue arise and/or a claim be made against you by a client.

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Hazel Dixon

Hazel Dixon

Hazel Dixon has her PTTLS Lvl4 Teaching Qualification, Lvl 3 NVQ Nail Treatments in Acrylic and Gel, Ezflow and CN master Artist, Akzentz Ace Educator, Kupa Uk education team leader and an International Independent Educator and Consultant.